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We can now better understand what type of person you are and how best to help you. Below, you will find profiling information to enhance your experience and results.

How to sell to him?

1. Recommended products and services

Investment accounts:

Because of their focus on results and willingness to take risks, this client may be interested in investment accounts that offer the opportunity for significant returns.

Credit cards with rewards:

Given their persuasive and sociable nature, they may appreciate credit cards with rewards programs and social benefits, such as discounts on entertainment or travel.

Entrepreneurial loans:

If they have entrepreneurial ambitions, they may be interested in business loans or lines of credit to finance entrepreneurial projects.

How to communicate in terms of Marketing?

2. Effective keywords for marketing

How to build loyalty?

3. E-mail marketing strategy:

Focus on results:

Highlight how banking products offer the potential for significant profits or benefits. Mention examples of success stories.

Exclusive benefits:

Highlight the exclusive benefits of the products or services, such as discounts, rewards or access to special events.

Persuasive language:

Use persuasive and motivational language in your messages, emphasizing the idea that taking action with your bank can help them reach their financial goals.

Interactive communication:

Given their sociable nature, you could include invitations to financial events or seminars in your emails, encouraging interaction and participation.

4. Recommendations for the customer service executive:

1. Be direct and concise:

Customers with an "ID" profile appreciate direct and efficient communication. Avoid detours or long explanations and get to the point with the relevant information.

2. Show enthusiasm:

Liven up your conversations with an enthusiastic and positive tone. Energy and excitement can attract this person and generate interest in what you have to say.

3. Listen actively:

Although they are influencers, they also value being listened to. Allow them to express their opinions and concerns, and show genuine interest in what they have to say.

4. Talk about benefits and results:

Highlight how banking products or services can benefit the customer and help them achieve their financial goals. Talk about tangible results and growth opportunities.

5. Offer choices and decision making:

These people like to feel in control. Provide clear choices and allow them to participate in decision making.

6. Keep the pace of the conversation:

Adapt your speaking pace to match that of the customer. If you speak quickly and forcefully, keep up with them. If you speak more slowly, adjust accordingly.

7. Provide key information:

Provide relevant and concise information about products and services, avoiding overloading with unnecessary details.

8. Be proactive:

Offer solutions and suggestions that are beneficial to the customer. Show them how they can move toward their financial goals.

9. Provide clear follow-up:

If a follow-up or specific action is agreed upon, be sure to provide clear details about what is expected and when it will occur.

10. Maintain a customer service attitude:

Despite your focus on results, it is important that the customer feels that you are willing to help and that you care about their satisfaction.